LIVING ROOM:  Instead of a decorative accent rug made of synthetic materials, a jute or woven rug was used. This gives a natural feel to the room and still helps accomplish our Staging goal of adding color and anchoring key pieces in a room.  Natural fiber or all cotton fabric pillows were used as accent pieces.  The sticks on the urn are natural and re-useable.
Going Green?  Eco-Friendly?

Seems that everyone these days is getting the idea that preserving our environment is an important goal.  Builders in the Sacramento area also jumped on the eco-bandwagon and began churning out houses that used natural resources such as solar power instead of electric power as usual.

We Stage Sacramento was given the challenge to GO-GREEN with a Staging project for a model home in Auburn for American Builders.  This meant that much of our "normal" Staging inventory would not be welcome in an eco-friendly house.  No faux trees or plants, no faux fruit, and no using synthetic fibers.

The goal was given - the task was at hand, and We Stage Sacramento team member, Michelle Beste, rose to the occasion as the lead on the job, and delivered a tasteful and eco-friendly finale that warmed the house and the builder, and was a delight to the media and potential buyers that toured the grand opening.

With a little research and resourcefulness, this was not as big of a challenge as originally anticipated.
Here is some of what was used in the house:
DINING ROOM:  Tall bamboo wood sticks in the corner eliminate the need for a tree and achieve the feel of height to highlight the corner.
The use of earth tones in the house is a reminder to bring nature inside.  The tree in the corner is a real tree - needing maintenance and water so it is not a normal Staging item, but in this eco-friendly house, it was a mandatory item.

Real red apples in a glass bowl create the centerpiece for the dining room.
FAMILY ROOM:  Accent chairs made of wicker and wood help create buyer appeal - and are a green addition to any Staging.
KITCHEN:  Real fruit was used as accents in the kitchen - lemons and limes are a nice touch and they stay fresh for a long time.  TIP:  Never use real bananas - they turn too quickly.
MASTER BEDROOM:  All cotton fiber bedding and sheets were used on the bed creating a fresh look that is very inviting and spa-like.  The added touch of dribbling green leaves on the cover adds color and interest.  Use of real green bamboo adds color to the basket on the bed.  Instead of artwork with faux frames, hanging a natural cotton quilt as a focal point adds color and helps soften the wall.
MASTER BATH: In the bathroom, real greenery and floral was used, along with natural soaps and candles.  100% cotton towels found in a variety of colors are stacked tastefully on the storage shelf.

Going Green - Eco Friendly Home Staging

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