We all have heard that Staging works based on massive media exposure both on television and in print, and the statistics that are tracked. With all this information out there, it still puzzles me that people will not incorporate Staging when selling their houses or don’t understand WHY it is crucial to Stage® a house for Buyers.

The New York Times just came out with yet another article on Home Staging featuring Barb Schwarz, President & CEO of Stagedhomes.com, http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/31/garden/31fix.html?scp=1&sq=home%20staging&st=cse

And Consumer Reports just conducted an interview with Barb Schwarz, who is also the Creator of Home Staging™ and President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) that will be out next week regarding Staging.

Why if there is so much press coverage, media shows on television, and concrete proof that Staging works, are so many NOT doing it to sell a house? It truly baffles me because of course in my years of Staging professionally, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of Staging that resulted in a quick sale and a happy seller.

Do you know WHY Staging Works – and elicits that Buyer instinct to kick in? We want a Buyer to say, “Ahhh!” in a house – not “Ugh!” We want them to say, “Oh Yes,” not “Oh No!” HOW do we make that happen and do you understand the WHY of what actually happens in those few seconds when a Buyer views a house as a potential purchase?

The best explanation for WHY Staging makes us feel better in a house has been explained to me by Barb Schwarz, my mentor. She has an affinity for quantum physics and the study of energy and atoms. In one of her seminars, a renowned metaphysics professor spoke with her and he confirmed what she had learned in her years incorporating Staging into the sale of houses.

She learned and has shared that everything in the world is made up of atoms and energy. We think a table is a solid item in a room, but it is not – it is comprised of millions of atoms that form that type of object, and atoms that are brought together in various combinations form everything from a life object such as a dog or cat or human, to what we call inanimate objects, such as a table or chair.

When a house is full of “stuff” – the atoms or energy that comprise those items are literally fighting for air space. The energy of that room or house is “stressed” because there is too much “stuff” and not enough space for the atoms to exist without conflict. And that stress is what we sense in ourselves when we walk into a house or a room of a house that is cluttered and crowded. We feel “stressed” because the room IS stressed – with too many atoms and too little space.

When items are packed or rearranged or removed from the house or room, the end result is that the space has been de-stressed. THAT is what we sense when we walk into a house or room that has been Staged. We say the room or house “feels better” than another one we may have previewed online or in person. That feeling is created because the Staging has de-stressed the environment and the remaining objects have enough space in which to exist – so that the result is a calming effect.

If you don’t believe me – take a look at these sets of photos:

Home Staging -
The Science Behind the Skill

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BEFORE ASP® Staging – This office was a mess – the Seller had papers cascading out of every room in the house. This is NOT how a Buyer wants to experience a potential purchase. (photo property of We Stage Sacramento. All rights reserved).

After ASP® Staging – Decluttering and helping create organizational solutions for this Seller was the KEY to preparing this office for Buyers. (photo property of We Stage Sacramento. All rights reserved).
Before ASP® Staging – This Master Bedroom was “lived in” – and had practicality written all over it. Unfortunately, Buyers don’t want to see all our personal things. (photo property of We Stage Sacramento. All rights reserved).

After ASP® Staging – Updating the colors and artwork helped bring this Master into the current trends and helped it compete with new construction homes as well. Simple organizational solutions and encouragement to the Sellers helped them sell their house in record time. (photo property of We Stage Sacramento. All rights reserved).

These photos demonstrate that when the clutter and excess is removed from a space, we can sense it with a photo of the room – and breathe a sigh of relief and pleasure at the AFTER photos shown.

Now imagine the Buyers that are looking online at all the photos of poorly presented rooms and houses, and ask whether you blame them for skipping over your listing or your house when it shows like the BEFORE sets above? Buyers give your house or listing about 3 seconds before they say, “Next!” Getting them to preview the house in person is now secondary to them visiting your listing online – and making a decision on the virtual showing that is taking place.

The same theory of energy and appeal relates to vacant houses as well. Before you think, “Well since the room is vacant, it must feel really stress-free to Buyers,” think again.

The reason vacant houses have no appeal is there is no energy in the room. There is nothing to give us a sense of like or appeal – because there is nothing creating energy IN the space. Yes, there is flooring and walls, but the empty space is TOO stark and does not elicit that same feeling of “AHH” that a Staged house does.

A vacant house NEEDS items in it – furnishings and décor – to help create that feeling of “AHH” (or Awe) in the house. In addition, without furniture – a Buyer is left to their own inadequate imagination to figure out if their furniture will look good or fit in the room. Again, when an estimated 85% of Buyers are looking online FIRST to determine if they want to tour a house in person, with nothing in a room, they cannot tell if their king sized bed or large screen TV will fit in a room. There is nothing there to relate it to as far as furniture, and as Barb Schwarz says, “Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be.”© This is very true – and so Staging helps a buyer to know how they would live in a house.

Quantum Physics – translated to Selling a house – means Staging is an integral part of making life and space stress free – and that is WHY a Buyer decides on an emotional level that they have to purchase a particular home over another comparable property.

Now you know.
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After ASP® Staging – The Master now has color and “WOW” Factor added to help Buyers imagine living in the house. (photo property of We Stage Sacramento. All rights reserved).
Before ASP® Staging – This Master Bedroom of a new construction house had updated wall colors and fixtures, but was too Stark. (photo property of We Stage Sacramento. All rights reserved).