Staging To Live and Re-Design

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Staging to Live – Re-Design – How do they differ from Decorating and Design?

Home Staging is not just for a house for sale.  With so many homeowners deciding to stay put instead of sell until the market recovers, the focus has shifted to what a homeowner can do now to enjoy their house – and we call this Staging to Live or Re-Design.  Many talented ASP® Home Stagers specialize in this service.

Staging to Live makes use of the homeowner’s things and puts a fresh perspective on the arrangement and placement of belongings and collections.  Instead of packing things, organization and spatial arrangement come into play.

But how does Staging to Live differ from Decorating or Interior Design?

Simply stated:  Money.

A Staging to Live professional will use what you have in your house and the goal is to feed your taste and your likes.  A Home Stager is not going to tell you that what you like and enjoy is not the current style or trend.  If you like it – that is fine with a Stager.  If your woods don’t match, or the styles of your furniture are not exactly the same, it’s not a big deal.  By the way, the Eclectic Look – is IN.  Things are not supposed to be “matchy-matchy.” 

When we work on a house with a client, we are helping to organize that space, rearrange things to create a better flow, perhaps relocate items where they make more sense or just need a refreshing touch.  We may move your artwork around, shift pieces of furniture from here to there, and suggest updating easy items like bedding or towels.  We can even help with window treatments, upholstery changes, paint color recommendations, flooring and fixtures. 

The key is that we wait for you to tell us that is what you want not tell you that is what you need.

By contrast, a Decorator or Designer often will try to convince a homeowner that what they have is outdated or the wrong color or style, so that they will buy other furniture, fixtures, window treatments, and more.  Their goal is to sell the client on the purchase of many new things, and this can really add up. They will tell you that you “need” to make these changes making a homeowner feel badly or even inferior that their house is not “measuring up” to the standards now set by the designer or decorator.  If you do want guidance and ask for specific recommendations on updating your house, a Home Stager can do that for you but they do not automatically assume that role from the start.

Why does this happen?

What the homeowner needs to know is most decorators and designers make the majority of their money on the “Mark-up.” That is the difference between what they pay for the furniture or decorative item for, and the price they make you pay.  This is known as the “Margin.” You pay a fee for their time, and then the margin on whatever you end up purchasing.

Most Home Stagers are not interested in making a margin on the sale of furnishings, and instead often pass their savings directly to their client.  Home Stagers get paid for their time to help create and implement a new look for their client.  When they can use what the client has in their house – great.  If they need to purchase some new items to finish off the look, it is at the same price they pay to the retailer or wholesaler.

A Home Stager can help you in two ways.  When you just want a plan to implement and are fairly handy yourself, then you would request a Staging to Live report – that would have all the needed recommendations to refresh your house from paint colors, flooring, fixtures, placement and organization.  When you want help in the actual work, the Home Stager can do that as well, either by the room or the entire house – refreshing your home in one complete step – either with your help or with their team completing the transformation of your home. 

So when it’s time to refresh or re-do your interior, seek out the help of a Home Stager – who has been trained in the art of placement and organization, has an eye for color, and knows the best local resources for shopping for décor or furniture for those interested in adding new items to their interior.  For Home Stagers, our goal in Staging to Live is to help your home look its best while honoring what you love in your home already, and therefore honoring you in the process.

At We Stage Sacramento, we specialize in Staging to Live and Redesign. We can even provide a 3-dimensional rendering of your rooms complete with paint colors, flooring, furniture arrangement, and accessories.  Call us to help you re-fresh your house – room by room or the entire home.  888-WE-STAGE.  Check us out online at www.WeStageSacramento.com